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Ranch Maintenance Manager

  2021-10-18     Plasvacc USA Inc.     1535 Templeton Road  

We are currently accepting applications for a full-time Ranch Maintenance Manager.

This employee will be responsible for the feeding of our herd of horses, along with maintenance and repairs on a 60 acre ranch in Templeton, CA.

This employee will be responsible for ensuring that the grounds and buildings are maintained to be clean, organized and safe, and that the equipment is kept in good, safe working condition.

This employee will also assist in supervising the Weekend Feeder.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include:

• The feeding of baled alfalfa hay and/or other feed (grain) to the herd of horses.
• Cleaning of pens/stalls.
• Maintenance of shop and equipment: Clean and sweep as necessary. Keep shop and tools neat and organized. Keep vehicles clean, maintained, and filled with fuel.
• Empty and discard garbage and recycling daily from offices and barn.
• Maintenance of flower beds, planters, lawns, and landscape on a regular basis. Including pruning, planting, weeding, irrigating.
• Visually inspect equipment, (including hand held tools and tractor, gator, lawn mower). Report any and all issues to Supervisor and repair or replace as instructed.
• Maintain an inventory of necessary supplies that are used on a regular basis.
• Move deliveries of Production and Shipping Supplies to designated storage areas upon delivery by vendors.
• Ensure all regulations and laws are being followed to be compliant with health, environmental, and safety policies.
• Weed and Rodent control. Will be required to handle herbicides and pesticides and follow all applicable regulations and label instructions and maintain records and reports.
• Repair and paint fence: wire, hot wire, wood, pipe, and cable.
• Maintain and Repair pasture irrigation lines and water (trough) lines.
• Clean water troughs as needed
• Fertilize and Irrigate pastures as scheduled. From time-to-time replanting may be required.
• Maintain Buildings and Outbuildings, including roofs and gutters. Maintain both interior and exterior of buildings. Report damages to Supervisor and repair as instructed.
• Maintain Driveways.
• Maintain trees: pruning, cutting, and planting new trees as required.
• Drive company vehicle(s) to order or pick up supplies as needed.
• Keep safety equipment and PPE in good working condition. Report any damages to Supervisor and replace as instructed.

Non-Essential Duties:
• Other Duties as Assigned

Minimum required Qualifications:
• Any experience and education that demonstrates a knowledge of and the ability to perform the work required.
• Valid California Driver's License and clean driving record.
• Knowledge of the safe and proper use of equipment and tools, including chainsaw, weed whacker, skilsaw.
• Ability to operate a tractor and lawn mower tractor.
• Ability to repair minor vehicle and equipment parts.
• Ability to arrive to work on time and as scheduled, consistently.
• Ability to understand, follow, and transmit verbal and written instructions.
• Ability to maintain written records as required
• Ability to work independently and complete tasks daily and according to schedule.
• Experience around horses is helpful.
• Experience with welding is helpful.

Working environment:
• Heavy Lifting is required. Must be able to lift and/or move large and heavy objects over 75 lbs. on a daily basis.
• Standing for long periods of time.
• Walking for long periods of time and distance and on uneven ground
• Sitting for periods of time.
• Kneeling, Squatting, Bending required on a daily basis
• Physical Labor to be performed under adverse field and weather conditions.

Hours of Work:
• Monday -Friday, 7:30 am-4pm. (summer hours can be earlier to avoid heat)
• Ability to work overtime if required.
• Ability to work on weekends or holidays if requested.

Wages and Benefits:
• $25.00-30.00 per hour, based on experience
• Medical Benefits, Vacation, and Holiday pay after completion of trial period
• Eligible for Participation in SIMPLE IRA after completion of trial period.

Do not contact this company in solicitation of any product or service.

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